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He Should Be Punished.... Free Him....
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Bergdahl Might Get Off Because Of Trump.

We all remember Bergdahl's "walking off" his post back in 2009 and being imprisoned by the Taliban. However, the article I just read, says that he might just get off the hook... and you'll never guess why.

Trump's comments.

Bergdahl's attorney stated,"Our position is that President Trump's comments during the campaign repeatedly vilifying Sergeant Bergdahl prevents him from getting a fair trial".

So, what's your opinion on all of this

Here's the full article on Reuters.

He Should Be Punished....

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Free Him....

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He done the crime, I think he should do the time. If I'm not mistaken, two soldiers, who had their whole life ahead of them, died searching for him. They lost their lives forever.

And they have the guts to say he lost 12 years of his life?

They're nuts.

I know they are lawyers and it's their job to get him off the hook, but common sense really says otherwise. This guy walked off his post ON PURPOSE.

I don't think he committed treason like some would say, but he did go AWOL and he should be punished for his crime.

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Although I'm not sure I know the whole story (nor probably does the general public) I do believe in fair and consistent application of laws and his case certainly sounds like he did plenty deserving prosecution. And I don't think publicity itself is an automatic to get off. If that were true then no one high profile could ever fairly be convicted of anything under the sun.

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