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Rapey vibes

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He's a sexual predator

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OH ………………...PLEASE !

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OH ………………...PLEASE !

That's a Brontoraptor alt.

You can always tell by the sheer ridiculousness of the accusations he makes.

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AlofRI(3290) Clarified
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I assumed that !

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IndigoSky(58) Disputed
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It's a Vox article. Vox is a far left media outlet. This is the left pointing out his opinion on women.

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seanB(950) Disputed
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It is dark satire. It's sarcastically agreeing with gross exaggerations of the "traditional" notions of the roles of each gender. And while I don't necessarily agree with the roles it, by virtue of its satirical nature, proposes are better, I also don't think it makes Sanders a "rapey" person.

Dark satire and sarcasm are not the strong points of Americans at the best of times. Sanders, with this article, was pitching to an IQ his country's average people don't possess. But it doesn't mean he is a villain. It just means most Americans don't get the point.

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It's a Vox article.

Your fake title has got absolutely nothing to do with Vox you lying idiot.

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