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Bwahahaha! It was my position 1st Berns
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It was my position 1st Berns

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Stop breeding in 3rd world countries

ROFLMAO. Great solution there, Herr Bronto. Ban people from having sex with each other.

Just to clarify the situation, you believe people would ignore a gun ban but obey a sex ban???


What a total moron you are.

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But … but ….. THAT would be preventing "viable babies" from having any life AT ALL! That would be as bad as MURDER ………. maybe WORSE! They wouldn't have ANY CHANCE AT ALL! You SCUM! Hypocrite!! (But, then, they likely wouldn't be ..."white", soooo ……. ;-)

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Shut up you retarded proctological instrument. There is a difference between being a right wing dick head telling people not to reproduce out of pure bigotry and a practical left wing approach to combating over population.

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