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 Best Christmas movie and why? (15)

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Best Christmas movie and why?

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2 points

My favorite is probably Christmas Vacation... Why? Dunno? Because it's the best in my opinion.

Another good one that many people have never seen is The Ref with Dennis Leary and Kevin Spacey.

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"can't see the line can ya Russ" "nope" (;

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Wow, I'm surprised... almost everyone I've ever mentioned this movie to has never heard of it.

Well, couple of movies come to mind: A Christmas Story and Elf.

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Christmas vacation. I've seen it a million times and it still makes me laugh.

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I agree... the original Vacation is excellent too... but the other two? Not so much.

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I didn't like Vegas. I thought europe was okay. Christmas vacation is probably my favorite though.

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Nightmare before Christmas is my favorite i have watched it every year for as long as i can remember

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The Santa Clause 1,2, and 3 because I loved that movie and it was really good!

Home Alone 2. Very funny and a very nice movie to watch on Christmas Eve and Christmas, even after Christmas.

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A Christmas Story. It was awesome. It had a comedic story and adult themes all mashed in to a christmas flick. A must watch.

Fred Clause. Great movie, one of the only movies i ever cried while watching.

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I believe this is tough to answer with just one movie. Here are my top ones:

Its a wonderful life -oldie but goodie

Home alone - just plain fun

A christmas story - related to all ages

Christmas vacation - just because the humor is awesome

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I like the movies Elf and Home Alone 2. They are both funny movies, and I watch both a lot.

"The Polar Express" because the belief in Santa Claus is restored to a boy who can hear the jingle of the bell.