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 Best Comedians: Current & Past (8)

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Best Comedians: Current & Past

Best Comedians: Current & Past

Who do you think the best comedians are, from our time period or previously?

State one or multiple comedians that one views as superior, and provide reasons for the selection(s) as well as a sample 'bit', if desired
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2 points

I am not much of a comedian connoisseur but George Carlin and Nomenclature are two of the funniest comedians I have ever encountered.

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That was cute, thanks for sharing. :D

FromWithin(8241) Clarified
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I have gone to a couple of Regan's performances, and at the end of the show people actually shout out routines that he has done in the past, such as the ironing board.

You know a comedian is good when his past performances are remembered and people want to see the same skit repeated.

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I like early Robin Williams and early Eddie Izzard and early Gabriel Iglasias. Not sure of the spelling on the last one. Basically I prefer comedians who get laughs without cursing, as if bad language is the ONLY way to get laughs. I don't mind a few choice words but there are some now who drop foul language every other word and that's just boring.

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I agree, it's like going back to elementary school where kids tried to get laughs by saying vulgar things.

I love listening to humor speaking to everyday annoyances we can all relate to. It needs no vulgarity and we could actually bring our kids to the act if we wanted.

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Are still some of the BEST comedy sketches out there. Clean as a whistle too.

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Oh yes. Have you seen some of the early Gabriel Iglesias? His skits where hilarious and had little to no cursing in it but he was very reliant on different voices and some of them just made me cry from laughing.

Mint_tea(4598) Clarified
2 points

OH and some of the classics like Carol Burnett and Co.

The Comedian Brian Regan is the funniest man I have ever listened to.

He uses everyday occurrences in life we can all relate to, similar to Seinfeld.

He keeps his humor clean and does not need to resort to vulgar humor to get cheap laughs.

My favorite skit performed by him was the one about a person trying to get a patent on the first ironing board in today's safety conscious regulations.

Google Brian Regan's Ironing Board routine if you want a good laugh.