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Best President of the United States?

There have been many POTUS in the history of America. Which one handled their situation best, and did the most good for the US, and/or other countries.

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Its a Tie between Ronald Reagen and Washington for me Both seem almost equally great too me.

kozlov(1755) Disputed
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Why Ronald Regan? He sold America to the Corporations and started many un-provoked wars costing millions of lives.

zico20(345) Disputed
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have you ever studied history? The only military encounters Reagan undertook were the invasion of Grenada and the bombing of Libya. Neither of which totaled even 1000 casualties. Your comments make you sound completely uneducated when it comes to american history. BTW, how old are you? If your like 12 then maybe I can understand, but if you are in high school or older then I really feel sorry for you.

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Andrew Jackson because he killed the bank, as impossible as that was

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I think the best President was Thomas Jefferson. He wrote the Declaration of Independence, in 1803 he doubled the size of the United States, established the United States Military Academy at West Point, he kept the United States out of the Napoleonic Wars, as well he had many federal taxes repealed. Jefferson also established the University of Virginia, one of the most prestigious schools in America, plus he invented many things, and he spoke five languages, French, Greek, Italian, Latin, and Spanish.

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I would say Abraham Lincoln. He provided amazing leadership during the Civil War, Abolished Slavery, and was a not so bad guy.

I would have to say that Thomas Jefferson was the best president the U.S. has ever had. He truly valued a secular United States.