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 Best Survivor contestant ever? (17)

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Best Survivor contestant ever?

What do you think?

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2 points

Boston Rob.

He played the rest of the contestants like a puppet master.

Truly worthy for the win.

Hellno(17760) Banned
2 points

Richard Hatch

-First winner ever




-Naked (gross)




1 point

Russel no contest .

Linzilu99(14) Disputed
1 point

Russel was a good manipulator but made no friends. that was his downfall both seasons that he made the final.

1 point

Russel being a good manipulator is whats makes him the best survivor player.

The first season was the best one with Richard Hatch. He brought humor to the show.

0 points

Boston Rob. He has an incredible ability to make friends no matter what the scenario. He builds a shelter with ease and is probably the best strategic player the game has ever seen.

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OZZY (Oscar) Lusth!!!!! he provides coconuts and fish. he is one of the best physical players EVER in the game. AND he puts his heart and soul into the game. Only the way of a true surfer |mn/