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 Best book:Hunger Games/Harry Potter/Jane Eyre/The Grapes of Wrath: (5)

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Best book:Hunger Games/Harry Potter/Jane Eyre/The Grapes of Wrath:

Well all of them have their characteristic taste but even if you ask a million probably Harry Potter series would stand the tallest.

Your choice should be among these four books:<Now Go Ahead>

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Wasn't allowed to read the Harry Potter series when I was growing up. So I'll go with the Hunger Games.

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I've only read two of the books you've listed;- The Grapes Of Wrath and Hunger Games. I found both rather depressing and somewhat heavy going. Of the two, Hunger Games was the most engaging whereas The Grapes of Wrath was more realistic and, coming from Ireland, I felt a certain empathy with the tragedy of the times. To make a choice I think I'd choose The Grapes of Wrath because it was a superbly written classic which gave a graphic account of an awful period in American history.

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The Bronte sisters and John Steinbeck hold a significant place in literature. These are period pieces that remain classic titles in fiction / historical fiction. A tad laborious to read however they depict very well the life of their times as they saw it.

On the other hand Suzanne Collins and J.K. Rowling are much more modern authors that delve into pure adventure / fantasy fiction with construction of sufficiently interesting complexity to hold an audience.

So in comparison, we are comparing apples with bananas and whilst all are readable I veer towards Bronte and Steinbeck who have held their literary place in my library for a long time and my vote of the two will go with the Grapes of Wrath as my best book of all four.

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though all the books are fantastic but, harry potter is the best ,always:)

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Well, I don't think we can compare between them as Jane Eyre is a classic whereas Harry Potter n hunger games have all together different genre. Also they both are in series n the other two are not. I haven't read The Grapes of Wrath. Hunger games is surely a great book but Harry Potter is the best. Jane Eyre is also very good.But Harry Potter is simply divine. One can read it hundred times and yet another read will always be welcome. It is the best.