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I like those "reserved for expecting mothers" parking spots at the mall. I mean, have you ever seen a woman about to pop at the mall shopping? Who the hell wants their water to break at the mall? And it's not like a cop is going to give you a ticket or something. It's private property! You just have to keep an eye out for the mall police. And if a regular person glares at you, just say you're picking up your wife. By the time you come back they'll either be gone or, if not, you're gone ;)

But I don't mess with handicap parking..... anymore. Once when I was just about to get in my truck, this handicap lady approached me all pissed off because I had used the handicap parking. She must have been 250 lbs. easy. I said, "What? Too far to walk a few extra feet?" I mean, she could have used the exercise. I thought I was doing her a favor. Anyway, I think she had cerebral palsy because even though she said, "Yeah!" she was shaking her head "No!" So I'm like, "So which is it? Yes or No?" Which must have pissed her off more because she took one of her crutches and rammed it up between my legs. She may have had polio or something. But I was able to sidestep her next crack at my boys and I kicked the damn crutches from under her. This bought me a few minutes to open the door to my truck while she twitched on the ground. I then got in my truck and started to drive away. But she threw one of those crutches at the truck and dinged it up pretty good. I thought about putting it in reverse but being the good Samaritan that I am I just drove away with her crutch still in the bed of the truck. As I burned some rubber out of the parking lot and onto the main road, I saw the homeless guy on the corner and gave him the thumbs up. I looked in the rear view mirror and I think he flipped me off but I had my fun for one day so....

I'm going to get down voted for this, huh?

Oh, I forgot, I think she was a smoker because she had one of those oxygen tanks with her.

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My car has a solar battery recharger. I'm trying to figure out when someone would use it. Most likely leaving the lights on drained the battery--which means it must be night. So how does the solar recharger work? I never quite figured that one out.

Side: Solar auto battery charger

Maybe it uses to the sun to keep an internal battery charged and it is this internal battery that is used to re-charge your car battery at night when you leave the lights on.

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Unlikely. It goes in the glove compartment for storage. When you use it, you set it on the dash and plug it into the lighter outlet--according to the instructions that accompany it.

Maybe it's lunar powered not solar powered?

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Best ever is, Banana Peeling Simulator. "Do you love peeling Bananas? If you do, but don't have a huge appetite to support your crazy hobby then the 'Dazzling Banana' is for you. This crazy contraption actually simulates peeling a banana, it has a built in speaker which makes the experience more realistic."

Supporting Evidence: Banana Peeling Simulator (
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