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 Best kind of music and why... (13)

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Best kind of music and why...

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Metal, because it's hard enough to pump me up, but it still has a meaning.

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Music with a melody, an attribute sadly lacking in today's commercial, derivative garbage.

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The blues! Hands down it is the foundation for almost every good music genre we listen today. :)

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Amen to that!

The blues has spawned so much, such as most kinds of guitar based music.

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i like metal for no paticular reason i just have always been drawn to it wether it be death metal or something like metallica. metellica is probally my favorite band but i like any music at all excpt for hardcore rap it has no meaning to me.

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I'm gonna have to go with this guy, love metal only difference is i'm a megadeth fan more than metallica, I love metal because of its variety of playing styles which incorporate much of its predeceasing genres such as blues, rock and punk rock, all genres which i love dearly. Rap to me is just, well Bad because sorry to rap fans but its all the same theme wise, and they don't even play instruments (they use... samples), about 50 collective songs of rap and hip hop are in my ipod next to the 5400 songs that aren't. I don't entirely hate it i do like the rap element but only when combined with genres i do like, nu metal, rap rock, rap metal (which is somewhat different from Nu metal)

heres a couple artists that show up if i shuffle my itunes

Beastie Boys

Foo Fighters





Jerry Lee Lewis

Alice in Chains





The Proclaimers

The Beatles


Def Leppard

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Alternative. They tend to have the most meaningful lyrics, especially the emo songs. ;)

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It's upbeat, happy, and peaceful.

Why would you want to listen to music that makes you sad or depressed, when you can just not worry and be happy?

One love!

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metal rocks \m/.

metal rocks truly!!! i love it!!!

rap sucks, it is not music after all.

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I like Trance music because it puts me in my own little corner of the world.

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Any kind that's real. I like everything depending on my mood.

Here's ipod shuffle for you

Tegan and Sara

The Shins

Sigur Ros


Tom Petty

Nina Simone


Fiona Apple FUNNN! I <3 music!

Bob Dylan


Johnny Cash

The Cure

Breathe Carolina

Cat Power

Why? Because if it's real, & it came from someone, then it is meaningful and has some kind of value. It's all good - never get stuck thinkin only your kind is the best.

FUNNN! I <3 music!

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That is music!

Tom Petty!#!#


BOb DYlAn!$!$



There IS a ton of value behind that music.

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dcool15(107) Disputed
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all music came from someone and all metal has a meaning it just may be off topic of what you are acustomed to.

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