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 Best soul music (9)

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Best soul music

I don't mean music played by robots, I mean music played by people. Blues, RnB, Jazz, Funk. 

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I have to go with James Brown as the clear winner on this one.

The Godfather of Soul is as much God of Soul as father of Soul.

However, I might be willing to give a nod to Aretha Franklin, or give honorable mention to the Ides of March for Vehicle.

TzarPepe(792) Clarified
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I don't really mean "The best" in a singular sense. I really mean, post some really good soul music.

No one did it like James Brown, and his band always had that "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, you feel that?" quality to it that I think really makes good soul music.

JB da man
1 point

Somethin here by the Ohio Untouchables, called "I'm tired"

1 point

Eddie Floyd do this Knock on Wood

For America or something

wood knocka
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Oh sweet mercy, if we are talking Jazz then Miles Davis is going to win by FAR. His Flamenco Sketches is one of the best songs out there and his album Kind of Blue has magic in it.

Miles Davis
1 point

Here is another full album, this one by The Weather Report. These guys cookin' it

hurricane season
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The Meters from the very first note on pretty much everything they do hooks you in... Like damn, these guys are good. Drums, bass, guitar, keys.. Every part of the music gets you goin.

Here is their album Look Ka Py Py

The Meters
1 point

Dunno if this enters one of your categories but here is y input: good old french musci :)

Edith Piaf
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And to those who for whatever bull aren't cool to listen to that whole album, here is one of their hits to get you in on them Meters

Mo Meters
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