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Better Computer for Design

What type of OS is better for designing?


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Ah yes, the short-man syndrome of the Mac! Unless someone starts making a Textmate argument, I doubt this debate is going to yield much more than the usual dribble about Macs being so much easier to use. If a PC is that hard for you to work off of, then design probably isn't your calling.

I run three 21" monitors off of my PC, have never had issue making a design "look good" on a PC, and listen to idiots that don't know crap about their computer tell me that Photoshop works better on a Mac.

Being a designer, I get the Mac / PC question almost every day. Not until the Mac starts cooking me dinner will I find a better reason to give up running all of the same applications on a much more powerful PC.

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I never have problems with PC. Mac just plain out sucks.

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I only use PC. I have the whole CS3 package opened up on two screens pretty much 14 hours a day. NEVER HAVE A PROBLEM! Mac is just a piece of shit. PC has more power.

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Although I support Mac and I own one, I would support PC ----> If that is you can even load anything----> because it is SO slow..

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In my opinion, the Mac. I own a 2014 slim all-in-one 2014 model of a Mac and I love the sleek design.

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How pretty a machine is has no relevance to how well it gets the job done.

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If you are talking about the iMac then I agree with you.. I am currently using the Macbook Pro and hence I am not sure about the designing capability of Apple.

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