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Better that ten guilty go free than one innocent party suffer?

This stem's from the Principal in Criminal Law known as Blackstone's formulation.'s_formulation


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I agree with some exemptions.

It's better that 10 criminals go free than one innocent person is executed.

This is the main reason why I'm against capital punishment.

In other cases it's not so clear.

If one innocent person has to spend several days in jail I would consider that a better alternative than letting ten murderers go free.

Of course, the innocent person should recieve compensation for their rights having been violated.

But that would be an extremely unlikely situation, so I'm supporting this side.

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I agree with "Better that ten guilty go free than one innocent party suffer?" Except however I do not believe the American legal system is doing that. The fact that we have overzealous prosecutors, judges behind the bench administering their own justice. A bogged down legal system where people are spending more time in jail waiting for trial than actually getting that fair and speedy trial.

A light is being shined on the relationship between the legal system and law enforcement on the streets where the system convicts the citizens and exonerate those law enforcement officers who are clearly shown to be at fault.

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if ten guilty go free then they are going to make more than one innocent suffer when they commit crimes against them because they were set free and not kept in prison where they couldn't harm anyone. I don't think the question being asked makes sense.

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fishfish77(54) Clarified
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the ten guilty that go free could make the one innocent party suffer later on. how does this question make any sense at all???

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Bohemian(3861) Clarified
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It's a reference to the Blackstone formulation, a fundamental principle of the modern legal system, and is the basis of the legal presumption of innocence.

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