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 Beware debate sites like debate Island , it’s appalling (13)

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Beware debate sites like debate Island , it’s appalling

I gave this site a try for a week as an amusement as they’re constantly touting here , 
what a mistake , the owner constantly asks if you like the site he then gets others to also constantly ask the same , the site is dreadful and trolls are everywhere 

The owner refuses to delete accounts when asked and blocks accounts then denies doing so , the experience was dreadful and don’t say you weren’t warned 
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Thanks for the advice Dermot.

I guess far off fields are not always greener.

CD is still a little unsettled after the new rules introduction but the shake up has clearly created a better debating experience and is gaining new members as well the return of those who huffed off in petty annoyance.

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You’re welcome Antrim , I was curious to see what the place was like and I was still on here while debating over there as I wanted to test what the place was like , it started out fine and nice and then the constant asking by the owner and his minions “ what do you think of us , as we think it’s great “ then the trolling and finally the owner who’s a petty little tyrant , don’t be tempted my friend

Antrim(1286) Clarified
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Okay, I've taken note of your nasty experience.

It's all god fun here, Nom or whatever he calls himself. is trying to limbo dance under the security door but got caught up in the draught excluder,ha.

Let's have a competition, SPOT THE NOM.

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Is that the one you had mentioned to me before, saying it wasn't so bad? If it was, yikes, what happened?

Or am I thinking of a different one?

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Hi Mint , yes the same one debate Island and apologies as it started out all sweetness and light but ended up being a nightmare , they constantly ask you do you like the place and then tell you they love it , I recieved abusive messages and the owner blocked me from commenting on debates for no reason what so ever and denied doing so only to later admit it was a “ glitch “

In my case I spoke to soon saying it wasn’t so bad , apologies

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Oh no worries, I hadn't signed up yet, I was leery because someone else mentioned the same thing you did. I figured maybe their experience was a one time thing but it seems like it's habitual for that site.

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It's not THAT bad, it's just also not THAT good, and it seems to have a heavy agenda of self promotion.

Antrim(1286) Clarified
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Yes, it does, but self promotion is a form of self praise, and ''self praise is no recommendation''.

I personally like debate Island. No matter what site you go to, there is always going to be that user that people don't like.

Dermot(5736) Disputed
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I'm not talking about a site user I'm talking about the owner who happens to be a clown