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Biden Education Dept blocks GOP bankruptcy relief for student debt

Don't practice what they preac

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Right has the compassion

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President Poopy Pant's policies of open borders and high inflation requires a heavy budget.

No money to spare for struggling students in Bidenized America as it's all needed to pay for the illegal immigrant filth.

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Biden Education Dept blocks GOP bankruptcy relief for student debt


Of course, I didn't watch the video.

First off, It IS possible to discharge student debt through bankruptcy, but it's handled in the courts - NOT in the education department. So any nonsense about the education department's involvement is STUPID, STUPID, STUPID

I say that, because it's SOOOOO simple to do research today, like I did:

"To successfully have both private and federal student loans discharged in bankruptcy, you must show that repaying the loans causes an “undue hardship” on you and your dependents. That’s a tougher standard than those who file for bankruptcy must show to discharge credit card debt, personal loans or past-due utility bills. In many cases, however, it’s worthwhile to try to show you meet this standard if you have a case for it."

It's crazy.. I read it and found NOTHING about having to be a Democrat to apply..

Truly. That was SIMPLE, yet you're unable to do it.. Why's that?


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I employed a number of people who sought the protection of the courts by having themselves declared bankrupt and thus avoiding having to pay their just and lawful debts.

My appraisal of the stigma and adversities associated with bankruptcy was much worse than struggling to repay a debt which was, knowingly incurred by the debtor.

As these employees were unable to secure bank accounts I had to pay their wages in cash.

Because their credit rating was at rock bottom they were unable to obtain credit for the purchase of expensive items, so I was regularly asked to advance them a loan and have an agreed amount deducted weekly from their wages.

Of course there were a few occasions when the employees left, or were sacked before their debt was cleared and I had to stand the loss.

Whilst all those who find themselves in this predicament will be discharged from bankruptcy eventually their credit/debt history remains within the circles of the major banks and financial institutions indefinitely.

This double-standard approach is indictive of the leftists, especially the Bidenized leftists of how American citizens are treated like second class citizens while the nomadic, criminal immigrant filth are treated as heroes returning from a bloody war.


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