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Biden / Supply Chain problems

Biden Vetoes Bipartisan Bid to Prevent Pension Fund Managers From Basing Investment Decisions on 'ESG' Factors Like Climate Change
Among the medicines running critically low or being rationed are chemotherapy drug methotrexate, cisplatin, and fluorouracil. Already, Pluvicto a life-extending drug used in cases of metastatic prostate cancer has run out and won't be available to patients for months, Axios added. BCG, used in bladder cancer treatments, was also being rationed or was not available for use at all.
On CNN, a leader of the End Drug Shortages Alliance called the situation a terrible crisis and called for the Biden administration and pharmaceutical industry to be doing everything we can to give every single one of these patients the best chance of survival.
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On Biden's watch we’ve seen shortages of baby formula, amoxicillin, children’s medicine, behavioral medication, antibiotics, diabetic medication, and now critical cancer treatments.

Sleepy Joe is again "Asleep at the Wheel"

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Karine Jean-Pierre chuckles at the large number of medication shortages there have been on Biden’s watch.

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Biden: "I wonder how many people knew...about the 'supply chain' before the pandemic. Everybody knows what a supply chain is now!"

Sleepy Joe thinks Americans are as STUPID as he is

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Axios reported that the supply of the life-extending medication Pluvicto, which is used in cases of metastatic prostate cancer, has already ran out and won't be accessible to patients for months. The bladder cancer therapy drug BCG was similarly rationed or completely unavailable.

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