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He is the worst IQ of a vegetable
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That's rich coming from the French, the unashamed capitulators of WW2.

Despite having the largest army in Europe at the onset of the invasion of their country France resisted for only 46 days before surrendering unconditionally to Nazi Germany.

A French government source of that time stated that one of the prime reasons for its feeble resistance and predetermined submission was to avoid ''their beautiful City of Paris suffering bomb and shell damage''.

France's cowardly capitulation enabled the Germans to construct their submarine pens on the French side of the English Channel from where they were able to wreak havoc on British merchant shipping much more effectively.

France's untimely surrender also meant that the Krauts could position their Luftwaffe significantly closer to British Cities and military installations.

When the triumphant Yanks and their British allies weighed-in and ousted The Hun from France the Frogs were jubilant and welcomed the victorious Americans with cheering and dancing in the streets.

With allies like France, who needs enemies?

France's main gripe is the probable or definite loss of a multi-billion dollar submarine order from Australia and attaches no importance to the enhanced and longer term defence capability that nuclear powered submarines offer our kith and kin in Aussie-land.

Who in their right mind would confide their secrets in such an unreliable country as France?

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