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Big foot is real

I have a skeptical mind
but I question all kinds of shit
That's why I look for trouble to see if I can find legit
proof that all the shit that I deny exists
I'm a scientist
that went looking for big foot
so I got equipped, took
my gun and nets with hooks
I arrived at the woods, this shit looks
tree bark was torn up like confetti
and there was a strange symbol carved into a dead tree
to me it's meaning was empty
but I guess we'll find out what it means in the end, G
I walked about a mile till' I ended up in a valley
with downed trees surrounding me all pointing diagonally
I wonder if it's pointing to where him and his pals be
I tallied
up the felled trees patiently
33, I didn't know big foot was into freemasonry
then I realized the trees are facing east blatantly
I'm gunna get you beast, wait and see
I started setting up the bait, raw meat placed between
the nets and next thing I know he's chasin' me
I panicked
and I ran quick
and my plan sticked
cause my traps where stocked
but he ripped through my capture plot
damn it, chased me like I had him after shots
so I grabbed my gat and I blammed it
I'm gunna knock back this bastard's top
he ate my bullets like a samwich
and just breezed it off like an after thought
then he grabbed my face and he slammed it
hard enough to shatter rocks
 I was seein' stars and planets
so I grabbed my knife and stabbed his cock
He started screeching like a drug addled crack whore
it knocked him back like a back door
so I aimed for the crotch and stabbed more
but it was just a bluff, he was half bored
he laid back, snored
then started beating my ass more
I'm just lucky that my back up arrived
with holy water, if they didn't have that stuff I would have died
I learned my lesson, the unknown should never be denied
and when I said we'd find out what that symbol meant I lied.


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I'm gay

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Definitely possible. I am not sure of this though...

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Hellno(17753) Disputed
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Speaking of alts... what's the point of this one?

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Mingiwuwu(1446) Disputed
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This debate's creator is FactMachine. If you truly think it is me, that is not my issue. Andy knows the truth.

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Bigfoot is real. It's a real word in a real dictionary. Bigfoot is also my father.

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Insofar that a single footed, creature, or a critter with one big foot and one small foot, could be easily caught and/or tracked the whole mythical nonsense of this fictitious character should be classified along with other storybook figures such as Batman and Spiderman.

Or perhaps more fitting, The Lough Ness Monster.

It could make a good movie;-Bigfoot meets the Lough Ness Monster.

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TheMask(127) Disputed
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It's Loch Ness Monster, you nigger nugget. Not "Lough Ness". But yeah that is a good idea, I will make a film about it.

If you deny big foot exist that is just fallaciously idiotic. He's been filmed on the history channel like 50 times. I literally got in a fight with him so I know by first hand experience.

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Antrim(1286) Disputed
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Lough as in Lough Neagh, Strangford Lough and Carlingford Lough is the Irish, and correct spelling of a large body of landlocked water or a protected bay.

Even though the Scots abbreviated the word lough a few centuries ago, the spelling Loch it is nevertheless incorrect.

Both spellings are variants of the English word, Lake.

I bet you won the fight, a one footed biped wouldn't be much use in an arse kicking competition.

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I’m that one person that gets paranoid AF about anything remotely creepy. So, when I saw a tall ass fucker without a shirt on hiking through the tropics of Washington, I pissed my shit. Turns out, he was just another hiker so its all good.

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