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Bill Clinton Poses With Porn Stars: Acceptable or Unprofessional?


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Posing with porn stars is rock star status, porn stars don't waste their time with uninteresting people.

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It makes him seem pretty interesting as a person, so why not? Nice little publicity stunt.

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It's totally acceptable to pose with porn stars.

It's not acceptable to molest women and then drag them in the mud when they accuse you... or cheat on your wife.

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Totally acceptable. You cannot have a background check run on every person you may have a picture taken with. Even knowing ahead of time they are adult film stars, they were all at a charity event that the women had paid to attend, therefore they had the same right to a photo as anyone. Clinton is no longer the president so there is no reason in the world for this even to be an issue.

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Acceptable, if anything it make Hilary a little jealous. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D which is all too funny.

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A person can be photographed with Porn stars regardless who he is.

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