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 Bill Cosby gets crucified for past Rape allegations while Clinton is Democrat spokesmen. (14)

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Bill Cosby gets crucified for past Rape allegations while Clinton is Democrat spokesmen.

Once gain we are seeing the Liberal media's bias against anyone who dares speak against Democrat political correctness & their agendas. How many times can you see the major news network bury stories when it hurts the Democrat party but play NONSTOP those stories such as Bill Cosby's past sexual rape charges or Romney's truthful 47% comment. Cosby is an old man and the Left has nothing better to report about than his past?

How many stories have you seen the networks cover from Jonathan Gruber about the lies of Obamacare? Hardly any!!!!! This story is huge when they actually get people who were part of the Obamacare lies speaking out! This is not Conservtives telling you about the lies of Obamacare. This was one of the creators of it. Were it not for Fox news we would know nothing about the lies from this Democrat party over Obamacare.

Do you ever see the main stream media play up Sharpton's past? He's a corrupt thug from the past who is now Obama's right hand man.

Bill Clinton's rape allegations from the past have been buried forever by the media. Clinton is now considered the Democrt Party elder statesmen who speaks for their party. WHAT HYPOCRITES! I guess Clinton's sins are of no concern but since Bill Cosby speaks out against Liberal ideology, he is demonized for his sins. I say if it is true, all rapists should be scrutinized, not just the Conservtive ones.

I will use Democrat logic & say that most Democrats must be racists to single out Bill Cosby because he is a black man.

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Never mind. I'll admit I made a foolish post initially.

both sides are hypocritical. republicans and democrats tell their followers what they want to hear, and from a perspective that makes them seem like the good guys. meanwhile, both sides are wheeling and dealing to bring the swing voters ( such as myself) onto their side. it's all about the votes. it's all about the money. the power. the prestige.

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You are so blind! The Liberal media makes up most of our network news and they are biased toward Democrats. Fox news is the only network biased towards the GOP.

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your retort only solidified my argument. the fact that the only news source that supports the GOP is Fox, does not negate the fact that Fox is biased toward Republicans. I believe you are an intelligent person, but I also believe that partisanship makes fools of intelligent people. it is a matter of you wanting to reinforce your partisan beliefs. p.s. I really don't care about my scores, or my comments being zeroed out. I speak my opinion fearlessly. I, in turn have no problem zeroing out your comments as well. :-)

It's actually kind of funny. It's only through the extremely "LIBERAL" radfem viewpoint that Clinton's interactions with Monica constituted rape, and that only because they believe that consent is not possible within the context of that power differential. No "conservative" would ever call that rape.

Did you post this under the wrong account?

Or does the anti-democrat stance trump your desire to espouse "conservatives" and condemn "liberals?"

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Are you that ignorant to history or the news? If you did not know I was talking about the number of rape allegations when Bill Clinton was Governor then WOW! IGNORE YOUR TOTAL IGNORANCE. You only prove my point of how the Liberal media bury news stories that go against Democrats.

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You're right- I wasn't aware of said allegations, specifically. I was a kid when that went down. I was a kid when the allegations against Cosby went down as well, which I was only made aware of relatively recently because of the recent media coverage.

Seems to me that this just coming out now regarding Cosby means that the media did a pretty good job of burying the allegations against him as well. You're still wrong, just for different reasons. If renewed accusations were coming out about Clinton, you know there would be coverage of that. Even if funded and/or heavily influenced by one side of the political spectrum or the other, the media has always loved a scandal of any kind more than party allegiances.

Once again, leaving this here.

You could consider being a little more specific in your debates and post, but I recognize that would disrupt your ability to be intentionally inflammatory- much more effective if you can draw them in and then harass them, right? ;)

Cherry Picker Fail

Democrats and Republicans are idiots as is the media. Bill Cosby is a rapist while Clinton is not, he is just liar.

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Tell he how you know clinton is not a rapist? Women came forward who said he raped them! You prove my point. The Liberal media protects Clinton and they demonize Cosby so that is why you follow them like sheep and believe what they want you to believe..

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This is a false analogy.

Bill Clinton cheated on his wife, but consentually. Bill Cosby date raped multiple women. Both immoral, but at complete opposite ends of the immorality spectrum: having an affair and raping women have different moral implications.

As far as the "liberal" bias of the "media," would you prefer that the "media" swept stories of rape under the rug? This is why many women think "conservatives" hate women. You're actually making a case for hiding stories of rape to save the face of rich famous people.

Just because Bill Cosby is black does not make exposing his rape allegations "racist." Racism is a system of advantage or disadvantage based on real or perceived ethnic differences. "Conservatives" are interested in maintaining the status quo, and part of the status quo is white privilege and racism, which is why people say "conservatives" are racist. That's to say nothing of the fact that the right wing has historically supported or out-right defended racism. It was the "conservatives" that fought against the civil rights movement, for example, and it was the "conservatives" in the 19th century that defended slavery.

Clinton didn't rape Monica Lewinsky, nor was he accused of that. she was performing sexual favors for him. if you are accusing liberals of being bias, you are displaying your own bias as well

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Another blind low end voter kept in the dark about stories that hurt Democrats. I'M TALKING ABOUT THE RAPE ALLEGATIONS FROM WOMEN WHEN BILL CLINTON WAS GOVERNOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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then maybe you should have been more specific and clarify that in your argument. who is to blame, when the topic is not properly presented?:-)