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Bin Laden warns Obama of consequences- Will Bin Laden succeed?

Recent news is that Osama Bin Laden warns Obama and the US that we will suffer consequences for Obama planting seeds of hatred towards America (into the Al-Queda's minds?). It's a bit unclear and short right now, but do you believe Bin Laden will once again succeed in a terrorist attack in America? If so, what do you think he's planning? If you don't, why not?

Feel free to add more updates to the story if you know of any to keep the debate rolling.


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There's no real way to stop terrorism completely. But that Osama is talking again means things aren't all hunky dorey for him.

Luckily with the closing of places like quananamo, our abandoning torture, and our plans for pulling out of Iraq, it's harder for people like Osama to recruit.

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Recent news is that Osama Bin Laden warns Obama and the US that we will suffer consequences for Obama planting seeds of hatred towards America (into the Al-Queda's minds?).

I've been out of touch for almost a week now but this sentence does not seem right to me. Did you actually mean Obama is planting seeds of hatred towards America???? I don't get it!

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Ya, the "planting seeds of hatred towards America"... doesn't it mean the same thing? Because I otherwise, don't really get why it sounds like gibberish (the actual "quote" sentence that Osama said on tape").

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Even though Obama has ended most coerce interrogation, I trust that the CIA will be able to someway come up with effective methods.

and, I also trust in our military.

The problem is that Obama is really making it hard for our Guardians to protect us.

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Actually, it goes back as far as Clinton when it comes to President's making it hard for the CIA and FBI to protect us adequately. I'm not sure at this point how much the White House has allowed them (CIA and FBI) to improve and update their businesses to protect us at the level we need, but it's probably not up to par completely. But if it's anything like it was when Clinton was in office, there's a chance of an attack actually succeeding again.

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iamdavidh(4816) Disputed
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Don't fall for that hocus pocus Pyg's spewing.

He's talking about torture, and torture has never worked anyway. It doesn't go back to Clinton, it started and ended with Bush, (or more likely Dick) and even they quit doing it after a couple years... so actually I don't know why Obama haters are even trying to pull this one, outside of just wanting to figure out some way of saying he's really an undercover terrorist no matter how ridiculous that makes them sound.

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iamdavidh(4816) Disputed
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Wow, I haven't heard a statement that ridiculous from you for awhile.

1. Every expert for decades now has said torture does not work.

2. Not a single attack was stopped, or even uncovered from using those methods... except in Dick's head of course.

3. Al-Quada uses that we tortured as a recruiting tool.

4. Even if we lived in the twilight zone, or the tv show 24, and torture did work, it's still wrong, just ask your boy McCain.

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ThePyg(6706) Disputed
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every expert? i would consider the CIA as experts, and they say it worked. in fact, the memos that "your boy" Obama released says that they worked.

McCain is not my boy. I would have preferred him over Obama, but I would have much rather preferred Bob Barr over any of the candidates. not because he was best for the job, but because he was the lesser of the evils.

not about politics or ideology, it's about what I think is right.

and simulated drowning is the least of their problems. the people who were waterboarded (you can call it torture if you want, but the methods that THEY used on our troops were over 9000 times worse) were high valued detainees who had done horrible things to other people. Guantanamo itself was a resort compared to the shit hole caves that they lived in. KSM was evil and had planned the 9/11 attacks and was planning other attacks. i think discomfort for this bastard is the last thing i want to think about. The CIA saved lives, that's what i do know. attacks were prevented and arrests were made and the CIA (who prevented the attacks and made the arrests) said that waterboarding helped them save our lives. I'll give them this one, as a "thank you" i guess.

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