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He's in poverty He has no money
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Burrito claimed he was so rich he left his browser on all night. Then didn't

After losing a debate about smart people don't go to college if they are going to go, then have tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and a crap degree, he then did a 180 and began claiming to be rich. (He refuses to tell us how of course)

After being challenged as to what he did or does to make this money (seeing capitalism is evil), and asked what kind of job he could possibly have, seeing his browser is on for hours and hours on end with him debating, he chose to pivot to "I'm so well off I can leave my browser on all day and night."

I knew this was a lie, so I screenshot him not being online at 6:45 am, and even warned him that I would. Of course he isn't rich or intelligent, so he turned the browser off just as predicted.


He's in poverty

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He has no money

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Its sadly typical of this loser who is now claiming to be .....drum roll .....a journalist 不不不 Of course he cannot remember any of the papers or periodicals he worked for

Maybe he can jump in that time machine he breathlessly claimed scientists invented last week and go back to college and give it another go and see if he can better himself ,although his genetic stupidity is a hindrance to say the least

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