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Bitcoin will do to banks what e-mail has done to the postal service.


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Bitcoins adaptability is rising. It is completely anonymous and most criminals would use this tool to bring money overseas, and turn it back into cash. This method will rise and lots of people would like the free money transfers.

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Well, I watched the entire video and while everything stated was true, there is going to be too much regulation around bitcoin to make it feasible to keep transactions private and banks will end up becoming the currency exchanges for bitcoin over time. I just don't see countries letting this happen and destabilize their currency.

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The post office had no direct counter to email, and no way to take it over.

The world monetary system is already transacted via the Internet. With their power and reach, they will find a way to control bitcoin enough to profit from it.

Why, because for all its novelty, its just another fiat currency to be manipulated, stolen, hacked and abused.

Can't fool me with some guy using a British accent. Claims that wealth can't be taxed, are naive at best. Wealth is not abstract but very tangible. Such as houses, cars, land, industries. Numbers in a computer screen only represent this wealth.

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Bitcoin will not destabilize any countries' currency because those currencies already have legal monopolies over all private and public debt as legal tender. If money was based on a free markets, bitcoin would destabilize the current stronghold currency.

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Unfortunately, Bitcoin is just another old fashioned bubble where money is created out of the digital thin air.

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