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 Black Lives Matter leader: Police officers "evolved" from "Slave Catchers" (11)

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Black Lives Matter leader: Police officers "evolved" from "Slave Catchers"

Today’s police officers “evolved” from “slave catchers,” according to a Black Lives Matter organizer who spoke at a California State University, Fullerton, event last week. Melina Abdullah a professor and chair of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles described Black Lives Matter as “police abolitionists” because of the history of American law enforcement. “Police that we now have were the slave catchers,”  said Abdullah  “So that is where it comes from. You literally have a target on your back. That is what policing was founded on, and that is what it evolved out of. So the former slave catchers or paddy rollers, they were called slave patrols.”Abdullah as a “key figure” in the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter has called the city’s police department “the most murderous police force in the country.”

Another confused Progressive shows what a fool she is !

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You can’t fix stupid and there isn't even a reason to try when it comes to Progressive ignorance.

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Haha and who's the first people shes gonna call if her life is in danger...the POLICE! soo ironic.

So what does she say Islam evolved from? Ancient Pedophilia? Black Lives Matter is not "Black". It's an Islamic Muruna tactic. Muslims are using the wounds of past American slavery as a shield for their evil causes to divide and conquer.

Iacov(68) Disputed
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Does everything trace back to Islam for you? This debate had nothing to do with Islam. I am generally against Islam spreading west as well but Jesus Christ calm down.

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Sure it does. The woman herself is a Muslim practicing Taqiyya and Muruna. If you knew Islam, it'd be obvious. Do you not find it odd, that just a decade ago Islam was unheard from politically, and now BLM, the Women's March, Day Without an Immigrant, etc are all headed by Muslims, and suddenly the top pick to head the DNC, Keith Ellison (a Muslim), Sadiq Khan (London's Muslim mayor), Barack Obama, and Huma Abedin just appear on the scene? Don't be a fool. This is Islamic "Divide and Conquer", just like they've always done for the last 1,400 years. The techniques haven't changed one iota. The war of the future is sabotage from the inside.

I've debated hundreds of Muslims on religious debate sites. Never met one yet that believed in Darwinian Evolution. She's lying, which is permitted in Islam to take over your enemy. (That'd be us)

Glance through these links and tell me you honestly cannot put 2 and 2 together...;medium=social&utm;;campaign=buffer,climit/ss03-hillary-clintons-fortress.jpg

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Once upon a time some probably did, but it's offensive to claim any and all did, especially when many people of color are themselves police officers.

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Right. Slavery was upheld by law, thus those who enforced the law would have also captured slaves as a matter of law enforcement. But slave catching was not the purpose for the creation our police forces, which are modeled after the system of constables in England. Since the entire legal system supported the legal slaver of the time, BLM should wish to abolish more than just the police, they should be complete anarchists.