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Nothing wrong with it White peeps can't do this?
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Black Shopping Channel & what would happen if we had a white shopping channel

I have noticed that there is a Black Shopping Channel. My question is what if there was a white shopping channel? Would there be a racist out cry from Black people. Claiming we are trying to keep them out? I don't care that there is a black shopping channel, just wanting to knoa, what would happen if we had a white one?

Nothing wrong with it

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White peeps can't do this?

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White shopping channels already exist. They are primarily the ones that sell expensive jewelry, clothing, furniture, etc...

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I'd contend that most shopping channels are white shopping channels, as it constitutes the majority of their audience in terms of numbers and disposable income.

I'm not saying that it's by any means "bad" to have something named "White Shopping Channel", but it would be redundant at best. What are they going to advertise that other mainstream shopping channels don't have? Seeing that companies are far more fixated on marketing towards white americans than black americans, what reason would white people have to switch off their current infomercial and watch the "White" shopping channel?

The black shopping channel that we see now is going to be guaranteed that they're advertising to the greatest proportion of their target audience as possible, which they normally wouldn't have.

Also, this.

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There's "Black People Meet", and "Christian Mingle". I imagine those are on the same wavelength as this. "Black People Meet" is for black individuals who want to find a relationship with another black individual, likewise for "Christian Mingle".

I've never visited this Black Shopping Channel but I imagine they sell merchandise desired almost exclusively by black people, and wouldn't discriminate against a non black individual for trying to buy their merchandise. If this is the case, then my logic tells me the White Shopping Channel would be the same except with White people and merchandise they desire.

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The same thing that would happen if there was a heterosexual, not-disabled, not-ill shopping channel - there would be moral outrage.

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white people are unable to do this, as white is defined as mainstream. therefore other things exist as counter points to the mainstream, which is defined as the "white shopping channel".

whilst neither perspective really offend me in this instance, it is a very tricky area as you are balancing representation, with breeding a culture of racial exclusion.

the key point is that the black shopping channel is set up ostensibly to be inclusive, and not exclusive.

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