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Black Supremacist Theology

As we've seen from a certain "debater" here on CD, it's retarded.  But how retarded?

Corky from "Life Goes On"

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Nathan from "South Park"

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I think it's retarded in this respect, because at least Nathan exercised some cunning and some higher level thought processes. Corky was like just a lovable dumb ass. Now, while there certainly isn't anything lovable about Black Supremacist Theology, it surely is dumb as dog shit.

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I have no idea who these characters are, but I'll only say that black supremacy is laughable like most of these groups, and that I attribute it to a lack of intelligence.

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AtlantaEsq(94) Disputed
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This would an appropriate description for Corky from "Life Goes On."

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Blacks cannot be guilty of racism because of inferiority he(qymosabi) states but then states Africans (blacks) are superior??????????? You can't have it both ways,either you are superior or not.If you are superior in his words,you are the only one that can be guilty of racism. So which is it, superior or inferior?

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Well in a completely non-racist light, I'd say they're inferior. I only say this because I'm sure if you take every black in the world and every white in the world, the blacks would be (as a whole) less technologically advanced and less intelligent because of the continent of Africa.

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