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Democrats are racists Failed Dem policies
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Black guys keep getting killed in Democrat cities. Why is that?

Democrats are racists

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Failed Dem policies

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The very policies the Left endorses, think defund police, hurt the very people the Left claims to want to help. Crime is rampant in the cites they control rendering them unlivable. To me, it's complete madness that anyone would vote democrat. All I can say is, you get what you ask for. I hope they enjoy it.

You're welcome.

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To me, it's complete madness that anyone would vote democrat.

The problem you seem to have trouble understanding is that it's also madness to vote Republican. The Republican Party is even more corrupt than the Democrats, but since self-interest is your only concern in life, you neglect to mention any of the heinous things the Republicans have done, going right back to them using drug money to fund foreign violence. All the Republicans are interested in is slashing taxes for the wealthy, courting the evangelical voter base with contrived bullshit, denying any science which interferes with their ability to make money, and starting various foreign wars which have killed millions, on the basis of complete lies. This is literally the party of "post-truth".

The Republicans are the single most corrupt political party on Earth. Corrupt people, dripping with arrogance, are who they appeal to. People who write "you're welcome" at the end of their comments because they think their opinions are special.

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Another-Alt(209) Disputed
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The very policies the Left endorses, think defund police

And if you want to smear the left because of a few fringe anarchists, then that can be turned right back around at you. How about the very policies the right endorses, like overthrowing the federal government and starting a confederacy? Or bombing abortion clinics? Or killing all the blacks and Jews?

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If we examine the demographics of the areas where there are high numbers of black deaths we'll note that the racial structure of the population within THE KILLING ZONES consists primarily of blacks.

Further investigation will confirm what anthropologists have been telling us for years;- this is what Bongos do. Criminal gangs of Bongos kill each other on an industrial scale in every country where they exist.

Tribalism, tribal warfare is occurring in most major cities in the U.K., where last year London recorded the highest level of Bongo-on-Bongo knife murders in the Western world, ''INCLUDING CHICAGO, NEW YORK AND DETROIT''.

The BONGO-ON-BONGO murder rate cannot be attributed to any particular political party.

Just settle down and be aware that;- BONGOS WILL BE BONGOS.

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Larry the Lightweight - Mayor of Chicago gets the Grand Prize - The Mayor is one of them there Gender Confused Leftist as all Leftist are

Now for you crying Leftist Karen's there is something you need to know - "When you Leftist ban all guns then all criminals will be armed "

I am sure i have read that somewhere before to quote Jack Nicholson

For you Crying Karen's "The Truth Is a Real Problem" try doing your own homework on crime for once in your life

Could be you Crying Karen's need to check out John Lott and pick up some real facts but i know Leftist struggle with facts anyway good luck to ya

Bye Bye now !

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