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Blacks want vengance-not justice, ''OR'' apart from free tvs, do they know what they want?

When the black community say they want justice for the death of Floyd, what exactly do they mean, and can they define the type of justice to which  they refer?
The crazy cop who allegedly killed the suspected criminal has been arrested and is being processed through the country's judicial system. What more do they want?

Simpletons like to destruct.

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Losers like to destruct.

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The black rioters and looters have turned into a frenzied lynch mob of murderous criminals who are intent on causing further death and destruction on the streets of American cities and indeed other cities worldwide.

The blacks have graphically illustrated the necessity of reintroducing an enhanced form of segregation as it is clear that they are totally incapable of living in a society which is predominately white.

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AlofRI(3287) Clarified
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I'm glad you designated them "black rioters and looters", certainly not the black, white, brown, yellow, and red "PROTESTERS". They are a totally different group after totally different things, with a totally different attitude!

Your second paragraph is disgusting and you should realize that the "predominately white" society will, in likely another decade, become a predominately black, white, and brown society, in that order. There is already a group of whites that are "totally incapable of living in" that society. Will we need SEGREGATION for THEM?? ;-p

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The blacks cannot define what they mean by justice because they haven't the remotest idea what they want.

The crazy cop is behind bars awaiting trial.

This is the the type of justice which is standard throughout the western world.

Do these blacks want to change the legal processes and if so, how?

That was a rhetorical question as they appear to lack the intelligence to organise a Sunday School picnic never mind formulating and implementing an alternative judicial system.

Mindless rioting and criminal looting is the standard mindet of the average black person.

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More than just justice in this one instance, they want an end to the pattern that they see of bias in the entire system.

Severely limiting these types of restraint holds, less military-style policing, better training around implicit bias and de-escalation techniques, non-lethal weapons and tactics, more use of body-cams, better civilian input/oversight, better funding of programs that prevent crime - after-school activities, mental-health services, etc.; reduced incentives to be "tough-on-crime" (private prisons); fewer laws against non-violent crimes (weed use, etc.); fewer discrepancies in prosecutions, sentencing, etc.

I think they may be protesting for a while...

It is not that black people don't want these things, or can't organize, it is that a democratic-republic often does a poor job of representing the interests of minorities.

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Miocene(707) Disputed
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Applicants for posts of seniority in any private concern or government department are normally filled on the basis of merit and by those with the relevant qualifications.

As previously pointed out, generally speaking blacks have an inborn aversion to the disciplines of formal education.

This racial characteristic leads to fewer blacks being appointed to executive posts due to their lack of verifiable competency, i.e., a diploma or university degree, to perform any given function.

Once positions are filled simply to meet the political agenda of the 'justice warrior brigade then we are placing ourselves on the slippery slope to social and economic disaster.

Would anyone feel safe flying in an aircraft piloted by someone who was appointed on the basis of their ethnic background as opposed to his/her flying abilities and possessing verifiable documented confirmation of their qualifications to do so?

Blacks have turned into a terrorist group of anti-American urban guerrillas who are intent on destruction, theft and murder.

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Other ethnic groups such as Asians and whites prosper and, in the main, abide by the law of the land.

This begs the question, why is it invariably the blacks who are the ones who wreck and ruin great areas of our cities and have this persecution complex?

For instance, the law abiding Chinese work hard and generally speaking go quietly about their daily routines in a businesslike manner.


While opposed by the native Americans white settlers persevered and pioneered most of what is now the United States of America turning it into the greatest nation on earth.

Blacks seem to be gripped with the sole intention of murder and mayhem as a means of turning the United States into an Africian third world country.

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excon(17120) Disputed
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Other ethnic groups such as Asians and whites prosper and, in the main, abide by the law of the land. WHY CAN'T BLACKS DO THE SAME?

Hello again, M:

Your posts should come with a warning that reads, "I am a white supremacist.. I BELIEVE the black man is INFERIOR to the white man"..

That'll allow people to put your posts in context.. You wouldn't mind that, would you? After all, you don't shy away from that appellation.


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Miocene(707) Disputed
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As far as I know, Asians are not classified as being of the white race and as I have included all those of Asian descent to be hard working, law abiding citizens of their adopted countries your accusation has been rubbished.

Chinese, Filipinos, South Koreans, Japanese to mention but a few of those from Asian countries all contribute positively and equally to, if not better than the whites, wherever they settle.

Only a ravening lunatic could interpret my attitude as that of ''a white supremacist''.


America will always be encumbered with people like you who are always ready to rake the ashes of racism for the slightest reason or for no reason at all.

Blacks, not Asians or whites, enjoy nothing more than a good evening of recreational rioting and looting..

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Amarel(5565) Clarified
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If you insist on avoiding the contents of his post to focus on the content of his character, that negative character will feel justified in maintaining the beliefs laid out in his post

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Amarel(5565) Disputed
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While the black community commits a disproportionate amount of crime, the precent of black people who are violent criminals is the extreme minority within the overall minority group. Though black males account for around 50% of murder, it is still incredibly unlikely that any given black male you meet is a murderer. Thus it is a completely irrational misunderstanding of statistics to apply anything about black statistics to any given black person.

The issues you outline are not absent from other groups. There are white and other racial subcultures that have persistent generational poverty, crime, and substance abuse. But we don't tend to categorize those groups for close analysis the way we do race. There are cultural characteristics passed from generation to generation that inhibit the kind of prosperity you seem to believe depends on race.

Black people who were not raised with (or independently rise above) negative cultural characteristics tend to do relatively well. White people who are raised with negative cultural characteristics (or independently adopt them) tend to do relatively well. This means you are incorrectly attributing to race, that which is more relevant to culture. Historically, this mis-attribution has served to preserve negative cultural characteristics.

Let's pretend for a moment that you are correct in attributing negative outcomes to race. Since these issues that are more prevalent in the black community are yet not an issue for the majority of the black community, the most appropriate racist solution would be to encourage interracial relationships. Thus would dilute and diffuse the negative traits that have such an outsized impact on overall society. This solution would be valid if the facts that racists rely on were actually attributable to race. Funny enough though, racists oppose interracial relations. They prefer historically failed and atrocious solutions like segregation, genocide, or sterilization. This is because the racist position isn't derived from facts, but rather from an emotional aversion to outsiders and differences.

As it is though, interracial relations needn't be encouraged nor opposed since race isn't the operative factor in the issues you present.

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excon(17120) Disputed
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While the black community commits a disproportionate amount of crime,

Hello A:

That's a fantasy that belongs on M's list of things WRONG with the black man. If you believe one, you believe the rest..


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It seems like no matter what, some will never be happy; it will never be enough. The left's goal is to perpetuate and compound the victim mentality among minorities and act as their Savior so they will vote for them. 60 plus years of Democratic policies have done little to help the minority community. Maybe they will wake up one day.

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As the violent hordes of mixed race rioters and looters blaze across the cities of America and Europe causing death and destruction while chanting ''Justice for Floyd'' they have forgotten to spell out to which version of justice they are referring.

The crazy cop Derek Chauvin is in police custody charged with 2nd degree murder and the other three suspects have been formally charged with with aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder.

What exactly do the rioting FILTH want?

Do the FILTH know what they want.

The demonstrations have turned into and mish-mash* of destructive recreational rioting- cum- lucrative looting and smug virtue signalling.

''Did you see me on television last night turning over a police car with my right hand while holding a stolen television under my left arm'' and shouting justice for Floyd?

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excon(17120) Clarified
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60 plus years of Democratic policies have done little to help the minority community.

Hello High:

It's true.. But, up until that time, we did a LOT:

World War II and Civil Rights

Rosa Parks

Little Rock Nine

Civil Rights Act of 1957

Woolworth’s Lunch Counter

Freedom Riders

March on Washington

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Bloody Sunday

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Civil Rights Leaders Assassinated

Fair Housing Act of 1968

We FIGURED that it was enough.. And, it woulda been, had the right wing not blocked us every step of the way.. You know, like you're STILL doing suppressing the black vote..

Oh, did I mention the cops lynching unarmed black people?? DUDE!


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BaloneyHead(192) Clarified
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We FIGURED that it was enough.. And, it woulda been, had the right wing not blocked us every step of the way..

I'd ask for examples, but I know you won't because you never give them, butI'll give you an example. Joe Biden 1994 crime bill would be called white supremacy if it wasn't a Democrat. Let's look at a left wing source.

Joe Biden’s Role in ’90s Crime Law Could Haunt Any Presidential Bid

The effort, which defined much of his time as committee chairman, culminated in the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, a sweeping, bipartisan bill that touched nearly every aspect of American law enforcement that was signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

More than two decades later, that legislation is once again the subject of fierce debate — this time, as a bipartisan coalition of activists and lawmakers seeks to undo the era of mass incarceration they say the 1994 crime bill helped create.

-The New York Times

And the sad irony is, you'll still vote for him over the man who passed criminal reform. How could a man be convinced to do that? Brainwashing and programming. That's the only logical conclusion. It's like the wife who's husband beats her, but she refuses to leave him or acknowledge the abuse. The husband has convinced her he loves her and will change, but he never does. He just ups the abuse while she doubles down on staying with him.

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BaloneyHead(192) Disputed
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You know, like you're STILL doing suppressing the black vote..

How can you suppress the black vote when the only white people where blacks vote are Democrats? And an even better question is how can you suppress the black vote in the first place? Name a person who wanted to vote, but didn't because a Republican in Fredericksburg, Texas stopped them, and explain how they stopped them.

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BaloneyHead(192) Clarified
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Rosa Parks

Now that's funny. Rosa Parks, in 1955, had to stand up for herself on a bus due to Jim Crow Laws literally created by the Democratic Party, and you consider that a Democratic Party win....

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