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Blonde Jokes Are Racist

Neither  the African nor the Asian is blonde; therefore, blonde jokes are racist (and, typically, sexist) attacks against those of European descent!


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Blonde Jokes are racist because they are "attacking" a race and insulting them.

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Facadeon(510) Disputed
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They are not a race- just as much as dark haired people are not a race.

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We are all one human race, but yes, I agree. .

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Well, those jokes certainly aren't nice to tell in the presence of a lady who happens to have blonde hair.

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Hair isn't a race, because if you decide to become biased upon people with dark/brown hair, that would apply to all races.

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Blonde people are not a fucking race, you moron. I'm blonde, and I do not belong to the "blonde race" - I belong to the AUSTRALIAN race. God damn... never before has such stupidity smacked me in the face.

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Liber(1730) Disputed
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Did you or did you not read the debate description? I stated therein that blondes are typically of European descent, therefore "blonde jokes" are jokes against those of European descent, and therefore potentially racist in origin.

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Dremorius(861) Clarified
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If neither African nor Asian were blonde- and "blonde" was counted as a hair color, what would happen if someone hated people with dark hair?

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jacobmaki123(1) Disputed
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australian isn't a race you idiotic english retard, there is such thing as a nordic race, and the hair colour isn't JUST THE DIFFERENCE nordics are red head and or blonde, red hair goes with green eyes and blonde hair god with blue eyes, they are slender but muscular, have tall skulls, are pale and are naturally well... sexy! the stupidity that apparently slapped you in the face backfired for your statement was incorrect non the less. Nordic is an official sub race meaning it is part of the corcasian (white for a simpleton like you) race but is part of a different one if you were to look deeper. It is from the scandinavian race from northern europe, scandinava obviously as it's called, and british people think they are part of the white race which they may be, but they have a totally different natural skin colour and appearance, before you englishmen CLAIMED they were part of YOUR race when frankly they had NO origins there WHAT SO EVER! so There should be an official race called nordic that goes like this, instead of white it's this: african, asian, english, nordic. but it should also include the other races instead of white and black and asian: english, nordic, spanish (mexican) aborigine african american african canadian indian thai egyptian syrian sri nlankan and the other middle eastern, italian greek, chinese japanese. and all the others, and I'm from australian but I have no english or scottish origins and I definitely am not convict. and australian, americans, and candians think they're native to those english invaded countries" I'M AUSSIE IM AMERICAN I'M CANADIAN! no you are white and from england the native blacks are australian, american, and canadian. you idiot who invaded those countries and killed off all those innocent blacks, you know what! how would you like it if the swedish Finnish norwegians icelandics and danish started up pillaging again huh? you're poor anglo saxon country! I rest my case.


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Jokes aren't racist.

Racism is the belief that your ethnicity is superior to others (or that some ethnicities are better than others). It's a confusing word, since race isn't black or white, but for the sake of saying that a member of the KKK is a racist, that's what we can assume.

So if you make a joke, the point is to make some laugh at the expense of others. It is not a formal statement of ethnic superiority.

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zombee(1026) Disputed
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So something can't be racist as long as it's at least attempting to be funny? Racism is only expressed through 'formal statements'? And what are you imagining that to be, anyway, a written document or a prepared speech?

Racist humor plays to stereotypes and enforces ideas about the low worth of the target group compared to others. That's racist.

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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So something can't be racist as long as it's at least attempting to be funny?

No, it can be from a racist sentiment, but unless you have proof of these racist sentiments, it's jumping the gun to suggest so.

Racism is only expressed through 'formal statements'?

Once again, proof of racism is.

a written document or a prepared speech?

No, just a legitimate statement of someone's belief that one ethnicity is better than the other. When Dave Chappelle does stand-up comedy making fun of white people, we don't just assume that he's a racist. Now, if Dave just said in an interview "in all honesty, white people are a bunch of dipshit motherfuckers who are exploiting black men, and I don't trust them, no joke" then it would be safe to assume that he's racist.

Racist humor plays to stereotypes and enforces ideas about the low worth of the target group compared to others.

No... it just pokes fun at taboo statements on ethnicity. Like black people having big lips or asians being bad drivers. It's about laughter... and laughter is a good thing. If we're laughing at these stereotypes, it shows that we're post-racial if we're not worried about offense or such. We just like to enjoy shit... kind of like post-sex war, when we can all just take mdma and fuck each other and not care about formalities.

That's racist

A mentality like that is what's keeping us from moving on.

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they arnt racist, their haircist, kk flippin HAIRCIST U GOT THAT

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There are non-blond whites.

Furthermore, there are blond non-whites. They're called Melanesians.

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