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 Bloomberg says "Can’t let the Average American have Guns in Church" (5)

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Bloomberg says "Can’t let the Average American have Guns in Church"

2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is a foe of Second Amendment rights, has now come out with his latest anti-gun doozy.
In the aftermath of the recent church shooting outside Fort Worth, Texas, which saw an armed citizen take down a armed criminal in a  mere six seconds after he initially opened fire, Bloomberg has seen fit to opine that we as a society “can’t let the average American have guns” in a “crowded place” such as a house of worship.

The Democrat explains that we cannot protect ourselves because the politician knows better.
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Not everyone can afford bodyguards you Communist. You might want to try reading the Constitution.

Deitus(138) Disputed
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Oh my god I'm going to twist your penis hole like a bucket of sandwich meats on a sunny day in chicago.

Chinaman(3005) Clarified
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A sunny day in Chicago is just more mass shootings. Google it.

The clowns running for President in the Democrat Party are deniers of the Constitution, and all want to transform America into yet one more dead Socialist economy.

The fools voting for these extremists care about nothing but themselves. The sickest part is that they can't even grasp how they are hurting themselves if a Democrat wins.

Democrats are shwoing their true colors. They have such disdain for Christians, that they would have preferred if the entire congregation were killed before the police got there.

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