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 Born Trans-confused that is a fallacy (13)

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Born Trans-confused that is a fallacy

Deception is run amok among the Democrats of today. The birth of humans are either male or female. That is true science and disputing that threatens the intelligence of those that are challenged by their own intelligence of human birth. So if you are confused about this Transgender issue that permeates the cultural rot of today i would like for you to answer this does the DNA of the Transgender come from the Mother or the Father or is it a choice the individual made. 
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Human beings are not born trans-confused but it is an issue the Democrats think is now science. Transgender male or female will never change the sex they were born.

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Hello poochy boy:

In this great nation of ours, you're FREE to BE anything you CHOOSE to be.. If you wanna be trans, it's a PRIVATE decision that impacts NOBODY except right wing BUSYBODIES, like YOU..

Why don't you LIKE freedom???

Now, get this stick!


FromWithin(8234) Disputed
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ROFLOL, what an idiot!

The last I knew, the Left wants to force every school to cater to so called transgender kids by changing all their bathrooms. It definitely does effect tax payers and our children who want privacy in their own bathrooms from the opposite sex.

The day you stop being a deceptive liar is the day we are all dead.

Chinaman(2001) Disputed
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I have no inclination as to who you are referencing but your obsession with some fictional character does not in anyway lend any credibility to the stability of your mental state or the responses you provide under the mental duress you are suffering.

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It's not that "Democrats" say transgender people are for real, it's SCIENCE that says so. Democrats (AND many Republicans!) take science seriously. The backward thinking minority and the ancient thinking Evangelical Republicans do not. THEY live in mythology rather than a factual world. Eventually, the REAL world will win. Facts upon facts, upon facts can only be denied for so long,

Chinaman(2001) Disputed
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Facts is what you are wanting to talk i can accept your misconception of fact but misconception of science is where you exit the building. Humans are born male or female. Gender Reassignment surgery does not and will not change that.

AlofRI(2842) Clarified
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I respect your right to your opinion. Science does not agree with your opinion, nor do I. So be it.