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Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers?

Two Dynasties: Which one is greater?


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Celtics definitely are more of a dynasty team. With 16 franchise championship titles their history is unparalleled in the NBA. Who could forget the Boston Madison Square Garden and Bird & McHale bringing home all those titles? While LA has had a better run of it lately, Boston definitely is more of a dynasty than LA (who only has 14 championships).

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Celtics have been better in the past and they are better now! They have always had battles to see who has come up on top and the Celtics have won the title more times than the lakers so I have to say Celtics!

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During those Laker-Celtics games in june, i have to admit i was pretty tense, because i didn't know who to go for since they're both insane. But I root for the Lakers. Home team mos-def. [:

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