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Britain finally leaves the European Union. Good or bad?


Brexit at last: Britain leaves the EU as champagne corks fly


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I don't know enough about it to really stand firm on if it's good or bad but if the majority wanted to leave the EU then good for them. We'll see if there is a problem with it as time moves on.

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seanB(951) Disputed
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It wasn't really a majority. About a third of people eligible to vote, voted to leave. A good number of those, when polled about why they voted so, stated that they had seen advertisements that stated that there would be an extra £350 million per week available to the NHS if the UK left. This, of course, turned out not to be true. And as a result, many who voted to leave, when asked more recently, would now vote to remain.

Also taking into account the number of retirees who voted, many of whom have since died, and the younger people who have now come of age to vote (who would overwhelmingly vote remain), then it cuts that number even further. The people most likely to vote to leave were the older generation, while younger people (to whom the future belongs) overwhelmingly voted to remain.

There is also the issue of what that vote actually meant. Many of those who voted to leave, did not actually know what that would entail. We now know that it entails a great many things that the vast majority of this country are against: the potential repeal of the European Human Rights Act; an attack on worker's rights; no more visa-free travel to mainland European countries; a potential manned border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland; the removal of tuition fee caps etc etc etc.

I can tell you in no uncertain terms that the UK leaving the EU is going to create a negative environment for almost everyone, except the very wealthy people who promoted it by lying (many of whom have since moved their businesses to tax havens outside of Britain where they won't pay UK taxes; one of the disadvantages of Brexit is likely to be further tax loopholes for such people. Yet, they are the same ones who, throughout the campaign to leave, blamed immigrants and those on welfare for messing up the country's economy, when in fact, most lost revenue comes from tax avoidance).

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Ahh that's unfortunate then. I really don't know enough about it so thank you for explaining. It's amazing how some people who voted to leave really only did so because of advertisements. Voting on something that seems to be so important should have been met with more in depth detail of the situation.

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Good. I can prove that the Antichrist, will be a globalist. Any takers?............................................................................

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The only question is how big a financial disaster it is going to be.

Just how much the U.K, is going to suffer economically is difficult to calculate at this point as they're still in the E.U., during the agreed transition period until the end of this year.

Already a number of multi-national corporations have relocated their operations to mainland Europe with new industrial and commercial investors by-passing Britain in favour of the much larger continental market.

They are going to pay a heavy price for their outdated nationalism and for believing the deceit spewed out by the pro-Brexit multi-millionaire politicians.

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They are going to pay a heavy price for their outdated nationalism and for believing the deceit spewed out by the pro-Brexit multi-millionaire politicians.

Wow. I couldn't agree with you more, which is scary.

Brexit has taught me how tight a grip power has on what the narrative is. It began as an internal argument in the British Conservative Party between moderates and the wingnuts, and the public was eventually dragged into it by means of a referendum.

These people are idiots, as is everybody who voted for them. Britain has not been a colonial power for some 200 years and, as per usual, the most underprivileged are those who will suffer most for the poor decisions of British political power.

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Kilcom(237) Clarified
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If you and I can agree on something there is hope for world peace yet.

Netanyahu and Khamenei walking through Central Park together laughing and joking, while Donald Trump & Nancy Pelosi enjoy a romantic, candle lit dinner at the Waldorf.

Or is that being too extravagantly optimistic?

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