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Britain vs The UK

Right now the country's name is the United Kingdom. But it is also called Britain.

Should the country be called Britain or the UK?


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The UK

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britain only helped more countries to progress like india,britain is too good its only minus point is that it is rude other than that it helps the other countries in many ways.

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united kingdom includes a lot of territories that are far away from britain. some languages also dont use the term united kingdom. i find that in foreign languages, britain is more recognisable.

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Just call it Jolly Olde England and be done with it.


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The name Britain is alot more original than "the UK"

cause the nationality there is British. Not UKish

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Britain is a region within the United Kingdom.

Example: England --> Britain (England + Wales)--> Great Britain (England + Wales + Scotland)--> United Kingdom (England + Wales + Scotland + Northern Ireland)

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But the UK doesnt sound original. The UK sounds so dull.

Scotland & Wales will just be regions in Britain.

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Warlin(1213) Disputed
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But I suppose The United States sounds any different???

Nobody ever questions the USA.

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I was taught that the island which Wales, England, and Scotland are on is Great Britain (Britain), while the entire country is now called the United Kingdom, which is Britain + Northern Ireland.

So I guess someone from N. Ireland wouldn't be British, but Northern Irish, or some demonym for UK.

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Well, here in the United States we are not United Statians or some crazy thing. We are Americans. So why can't you just call it the UK and claim to be British and be done with it? Or just agree to be called EngWaleScotIreland ;)

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Since people in the US are called Americans then the country should be America.

If Britain freed North Ireland then they wouldnt be the UK anymore.

They could change their name to Britain which is the unity of England, Scotland, & Wales.

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The UK is definitely better. Britain is an island, not state. People living in Great Britain are the British and those in Northern Ireland are the Irish.

Btw, if US inhabitants are called the Americans, why couldn't be UK people called the Europeans?

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But the name UK is so dull & not original.

Britain is alot more original.

Why don't the people just be called UKish?

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