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Bronto simply has to be a troll. I have no other explanation for this

So he posted a debate titled: "Trump Delivers Epic Easter Address....Libs Hate What he Slipped In

He gave the link to this shitty article:

Then he copied and pasted the first 3 paragraphs for the description. Aside from the fact that this isnt even a debate question, I challenged him on the statement that "Libs hate what he slipped in". I went to the article expecting to find what I ususally find when conservative outlets make such claims, usually half a dozen tweets from random people that they dont even know are liberal or not. Then they act like that sample is enough to conclude that liberals in general are outraged about something. However, the article provides ZERO evidence of liberal backlash to Trumps Easter Address. None. Not a single piece of evidence. Not one tweet. Not even one supposed liberal quote. Nothing. Go to the article yourself and read it. Youll see theres nothing there.

So i challenged Bronto on this telling him that the "liberal outrage" claim is bogus. 
And i got into the most idiotic back and forth of my life, culimating in the single most damning piece of evidence the Bronto MUST be a troll.
Here is the original debate. Go to the right side column which is almost exclusively my back and forth with Bronto. 

But if youre too lazy for that heres a little snippet:

"You'll have to quote where it said there were no quotes, tweets or liberal outrage. It's your claim." - Bronto

"I have to quote the lack of quotes? Are you fucking retarded or something?" - AveSatanas

"Ad hominem. I'm waiting. If you can't quote your claim, then I don't know what to tell you." - Bronto

"You want me to quote a LACK of quotes. Youre the one making the claim that there are people quoted in the article saying that they have a problem with the easter address. Im telling you that no such quotes exist. How the hell do i quote a lack of quotes? You want me to copy and paste the entire article? Your request makes no sense at all. All you have to do is go to your own article and copy and paste 1 quote to refute me." - AveSatanas

And the creme de la creme of stupid: "----How the hell do i quote a lack of quotes?----

If a literal nothing can manifest you and reality, then you, who has a brain, should easily be able to quote a lack of quotes" - Bronto

Nobody is this stupid. Nobody is this willfully ignorant and stubborn. Troll guaranteed or your money back.


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He's openly admitted to being a troll. I think he even made a debate that said he was one but I'm not 100% on that. No worries, just take what ya know and roll with it.

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Yes, he's definitely a troll. Most of the zealots on this site (Brontoraptor, FromWithin/NowASaint, Outlaw60) are just trolls. I made a script to make them disappear, so I don't have to listen to their idiocy any more.

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outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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The Little Misfit wants to make those that oppose them disappear but you got a problem Leftist the Progressive Party is disappearing !

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He's just a little teenager still living at home with no friends and no life. Probably home schooled. Since how can he be going to school with all the time he spends here? I picture this tubby pasty faced zitty kid sitting in his room surrounded by clothes on the floor including shitty skidmarked undies. That mommys always yelling at him to pick up. Swilling code red and eating Cheetos. Flipping through porno sites in between his silly ass posts.

LOL. Who thinks I'm pretty close here, mates?

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Bwahahahahaha! Arsenal gave us a description of his own room in an obvious Freudian slip.

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Funny. There's the exact symbol of Baal that I use in many of my debates, and in a cartoon, nonetheless....

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I'm a troll? Surely not. Why would anyone think such a thing? Because there couldn't possibly be a troll who trolls Atheists? (snicker)

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