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Browser Wars! IE vs FF

Who will reign the Internet?

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Side Score: 7

Mozilla Firefox

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A lot of people just don't care. They don't want to download a Browser, if their computer shipped with an Operating System that already had one.

So unless Microsoft no longer bundles IE with Windows and Windows with hardware, IE is here to stay and in the lead no less.

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That is very true. I love Firefox and feel that it's far better than IE7 or IE8 beta, but a lot of people really don't care to explore the options. And even a lot of "Firefox users" I know don't use features like addons - one of the main reasons to use Firefox in the first place!

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Most applications on my computer are written by Microsoft: Office, Visio, Project Management. Better than FF, IE gives me a good feeling of "standard UI", "standard navigation" with other application on my computer. That's why I use IE more often than FF.

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I use both on my computer, but I stopped using IE about two weeks ago because it started slowing on me and kept on telling me I didn't update some of the ishh, which therefore made it impossible to do anything on the damned thing.

Firefox on the other hand has never created any problems for me, so I prefer it so much more !

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They both fail in the "Acid 2 Browser Test", but when it comes to memory footprint, security, functionality and overall user experience Firefox is in the driving seat.

Side: browser war
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Firefox is infinitely more secure and so much easier to customize than IE.

Side: browser war
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Firefox does not crash my computer, so it gets my vote!!!

Side: Mozilla Firefox
lcthuan(18) Disputed
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IE does not crash your computer, either. It must be something else. Your argument is not adequate.

Side: Microsoft Internet Explorer