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Building of the Border Wall


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While some people think Trump is overreacting by wanting to build between Mexico and the US, I believe that considering the circumstances it is well within regulation. Mexicans are coming into our country illegally. Building a wall will help prevent that.

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Yes it should. The current number of illegal immigrants in this nation are rising. Our own people struggle to find jobs, they live on the street, they cant afford food. But these aliens can freely come in and get automatic housing, welfare, and health insurance. Many of our Vets don't even have substantial Health Insurance. Many immigrants take the legal channel to get in, spending years in the system. I applaud them for taking the legal route. Illegal immigrants however should not be allowed to enter our nation, and if found be deported back to there homelands until they choose to come in the lawful and legal way.

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Hello mw:

I'd LIKE a border wall.. But, I LIKE Rio Grande river more.. Because if we build a wall on THIS side of the river, we're basically GIVING the whole damn river to Mexico. I don't wanna DO that..

Now, if Mexico will let us build the wall on THEIR side, and give US the river, then I'm all for it..


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Sacrifice the river Con. We have 20,000 other rivers and lakes to swim and fish in. It's an ugly river anyways.

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outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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How is it that a wall on the American side gives the Rio Grande to Mexico ?

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excon(18257) Disputed
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Hello o:

I dunno.. If the WALL is gonna separate the US from Mexico, then ONE side of the wall is gonna be America, and the OTHER side is gonna be Mexico..

I know this is a little above you, but concentrate.. You'll get it..


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