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 Bullies-what can you do? (3)

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Bullies-what can you do?

I know that it's a growing trend now in schools just as much as it is outside or at home but so many kids are either choosing to take their own lives or the ones of their bullies. 


What would you do if your child came to you and told you they were being bullied? 


My daughter is 13 years old and has been bullied since the 1st day of school by a girl who has even bullied the teacher. This girl has been  on in-school-suspension at least 6 times for bullying kids in school.  I have been in the school fighting for my daughter since it started. I explained to the school that if they did not do something about this girl things would escalate. They did nothing! My daughter received threats to be jumped by a group of kids after school she received these messages  by phone and by facebook which I saved. I took those threats to the school but also took them to the police and to the board of education. They all said they would investigate and the police decided to visit the bully at home which in turn made her angry. The bully came in to school and began torturing my daughter by throwing things at her, calling her names, pushing her and making others laugh at her too. My daughter grew tired of it and punched her bully in the face breaking her nose. 

the school decided to suspend my daughter from school for 2 weeks and was threatened by the school about a possible expultion. I stood up for my daughter and let them know that not only was my daughter not to be suspended but the only people who will face charges will be the dean, the principle, the teacher, the bully and the parents of this child for letting this go on for as long as it did. 

It has been now 3 weeks since this happened and the school now has a new dean, and a new principle. The girl was arrested and sent to juvenile detention oddly enough I work for the juvenile detention center and asked them to transfer her out, not because I was afraid  Iwould  rough her up but because it was a conflict of interest. My daughter was also brought into their decision with this girl and was asked if she thought she should be punished as well. My daughter said that she will take the 2 weeks suspension and that she was truly sorry for hitting the girl and breaking her nose but she could not take anymore of the abuse. She has also been mandated to take therapy. See my daughter has talked about depression and how she wish this would all end even if it meant by her dying. 

My daughter is now running to be the leader of the anti bully campaign in her school and I hope that this will be the start of something new for her. 


Now  I ask you what would you do?  Every kid who goes through this is different and will react different 

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Well bullying is just terrible, I was bullied years together when I was younger and those experience molded me into a weak willed , anti social and socially anxious person.

I'm not sure how best to tackle bullies. Schools don't give a shit unless some child takes his/her life and there's hype about the incident.

Kids should be educated to be intolerable to bullying from a young age and protest against it if they see it. Or insist their bully friends to quit being such monsters.

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Well thanks for answering and I'm sorry you went through that. I try to teach my daughter how to cope with it but you are right the schools don't give a shit so it's hard to work on.

Being bullied is a nightmare for any child. A Bully hurts the child and makes the child not want to go to school. Bullying must end!