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Burritolunch and Nazis are the same types of people fueled by hate & tribalism

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While I won't allude to him being a Nazi, I will say he is quick to judgment and name calling. He frequently uses language and doesn't care a bit about anyone else's opinion. I get that debates can get heated, but we can't have people here that spew out blasphemy and curses. we also can't have people that stereotype. We get nowhere that way and he has no humility to see where he might be straying wrong. I have addressed some of these issues with him and he lashes out in rage. I will not continue to talk to a fool, as the Bible explicitly states will not result in any good. Hopefully, we will get somewhere in debating despite people like BurritoLunch. God Bless everyone!

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While I won't allude to him being a Nazi, I will say he is quick to judgment and name calling.

You are playing right into the hands of Nazi propaganda you astonishingly stupid, delusional infant. I am on the far left, which is the precise opposite political position the Nazis took. The Nazis were far right populists, whose tactics and propaganda are being mimicked by your current president and his goons who sit on the internet all day attacking other people with lies.

The fact of the matter son is that you have taken a personal disliking to me because I would not accept your (insane) premise that we are governed by an almighty invisible sky fairy. You didn't like that and hence saying nasty things about me is your petty idea of revenge. Indeed, what would Jesus himself have said about this type of behaviour? About letting your own anger and emotion get the better of you so that you join in whenever a fascist tries to bully someone who has disagreed with you? Clearly, you would have been among the very first to start bullying Jews, communists and atheists on Hitler's say so.

Quite frankly you are an utterly delusional hypocrite. On the one hand, you come in here to attack me without provocation or just cause, and in your very next breath you write: God bless everyone.

You're a nasty piece of work, just like most other people who call themselves Christians. You hide behind the false charity of Christianity and use it as a tool to help you attack other people. Frankly, you are a vile little man.

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Again, I said you are NOT a Nazi. I don't get why people are even still taking about them. What I said was that you ARE quick to judgment and name calling, which you proved quite dramatically by instantly calling me a stupid delusional infant. Also, you are assuming Trump is MY president. He isn't. While I think some things he does are fine, I don't like a lot of other things he does. Don't assume, ask. He isn't my president. (Well, technically, he's all of our president, but I get what you're saying).

No, I don't dislike you because we have differences. That is the entire point of this very website! I appreciate your arguments, but not your accusations and name calling. I am not taking revenge and I am not saying nasty things. Do you honestly want to say that my subtle comment was nastier than you calling me a stupid delusional infant?? I think God would fully support me kindly criticizing your bad behavior on this site. He doesn't want us to just stand by while others berate people. I was asked a question and I answered it with my opinion. I'm sorry you don't like my opinion but I wouldn't expect you to.

My comment was, God bless, everyone. I forgot the comma. I didn't mean God to bless everyone, but calling out God's blessing to all who read it. My bad for forgetting the comma.

(By the way, continuing down your comment, the vile name calling only continues: Calling me a Nazi, utterly delusional hypocrite, vile little man. I know you won't, but look in the mirror before throwing out these comments please)

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This for instance:-

He frequently uses language and doesn't care a bit about anyone else's opinion.

Is an erroneous load of old horse manure. Just because I told you that your opinion is stupid does not mean I don't care a bit about anyone else's opinion. It means I think your opinion is stupid and it means only that.

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He has been taught to hate Nazis by his overlords, while they indoctrinated him with Nazi ideology.

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Leftist see Nazis everywhere but no introspection is ever done among The Party

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