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Burritolunch says aliens led by Satan created humans on another site

On another debate site, Nom admitted to being a Satanist and claimed he believed that humanity was created by aliens who were led by Satan.

He then admitted he was put in a psych ward after sacrificing a baby goat and put on meds which helped him to stop worshipping Satan.

Proof that it is burritolunch AKA Nom-


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This was me not Nom. But yes, I literally didn't make any of this up. I was 13 at the time and I literally did and believed those things. I am not crazy in that kind of way anymore, but I am still crazy in plenty of ways while still being more logical and intelligent than the average person.

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This really clears up some of the disturbing things he has said in the past.

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Burritolunch says aliens led by Satan created humans on another site

You're literally fucking retarded. Shut your stupid lying mouth you seven year old moron. Nothing you have ever written in the entire history of the internet has been true. Not a single thing. You're a pathetic, infantile retard.

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By examining the full evidence laid out before us, it is clear that you are a recovering devil worshipper who went to the psyche ward to recieve meds that helped you stop worshipping Satan and killing animals.

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