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Yes! i need my sig! Not needed.
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CD suggestion, should CD offer a signature?

should create debate offer the option to set a custom signature?

Yes! i need my sig!

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Not needed.

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idk about anyone else on CD, but i really wish i could set up a signature..


(for the sake of getting to 50 characters)

Side: Yes! i need my sig!

That would be really nice if you could do that. There are a lot of things this site could do to improve it, but it takes a lot of money to do it maybe. I know they are going to make things better we just got to be patient.

Side: Yes! i need my sig!
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I don't really care if they do or not to be honest. I don't use it anywhere else and I probably wouldn't use it here, unless it was required. I don't see the point of the actually.

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No, they are not needed. I think the avatars are enough .

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I agree on that, signatures are nice in emails but unnecessary here.

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I only use a signature in my emails, but I don't see much use for it here except to easily fill the minimum word requirement.

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Wait why would we want a signiture?

1)It'll cost a lot for the CD team to set up

2)it'll cost a lot for the CD team to set up better security to prevent the hacking of accounts.

3)There's no point in it anyway.

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wrestlerii(57) Disputed
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just to clear something up for me, can u explain why it would cost anything to add a signature? im assuming the people that created the site are the ones still in charge, if they were adequate enough to code this entire site, i dont think it would be the most difficult thing to code a signature option, however, it would take time, and why would the risk of hacking be increased? and at least to me? i love the ability to have a creative funny signature. idk, it adds a flavor to it that i would appreciate.

Side: Yes! i need my sig!
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Nah, popular debate pages on CD are long enough as they are. I don't want to see them doubling in length from sig spam. If there's something you want to tell the world about yourself, you can do it on your profile page.

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