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I would really like to have an intellegent debate on the CISPA Bill, for those who don't know about it, an awesome amount of information is a google search, or wikipedia search away ;)

But, in breif, the Cyber Intellegence Sharing and Protection Act is just a bill propsed to help limit cyber crime. I suggest that everyone read the articles online so they can have a completely fair opinion of the bill. (I'd hate to sway anyone before the debate starts you see)


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In my opinion Cyber Space works like the human body. Messages are sent all the time.. THe only messages flagged in the body are the ones that disrupts the bodies "peace" ability to work properly. The only reason you would have a problem with this is if there is something to hide like plots to perform a crime. Besides it's not like theres gonna be actual people reading every email you send, or everything you type. If it's flagged it'll be processed. Your personal business is irrelevant.

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