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These people are depraved I can't believe the media
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These people are depraved

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I can't believe the media

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During the 30 years of the so called troubles in Northern Ireland many international journalists paid children/youths to throw missiles at the peace keeping patrols of Army and police.

Whilst this despicable practice made for dramatic photographs it helped to portray an altogether false picture of everyday life in that part of the the United Kingdom.

Such is the morality in the world of journalism.

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TimCast is a troll, monetizing Create Debate by luring you to his Youtube channel. When you click on his link he gets paid.

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CNN NBC paid leftist who stormed capitol. Media is funding what they call terror

Hello T:

So, you think "leftists" who HATE Trump would pretend to be a Trump supporter just to make a few bucks. By the way.. How much did they pay?? $100?? $200?? So, let's say there were a 1,000 rioters.. Multiply that by $200, and you get $200,000...

And you think they were paid??? DUDE! Talk about drinking the koolade..


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TimCast(475) Disputed
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You didn't watch the video or read the article. The man in question, John Sullivan, broke into the capitol building by force and begain giving instructions to others to follow him and gave them instruction on what to do. This isn't speculation. He's facing prison charges for insurrection, amongst other charges. He was paid $35,000 by CNN and $35,000 by NBC, equaling $70,000. His identity and political persuasion have been proven in court. He goes on livestream videos as ANTIFA and is known for it. He also holds ANTIFA rallies.

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AveSatanas(4430) Disputed
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The dude makes money selling footage to news networks. He stands to gain financially from inflating the violence and getting more extreme sensational footage. I see little evidence connecting this back to his nefarious political agenda.

Was this supposed to outweigh the thousands of trump supporters who stormed the capitol with overly political motives? This is the smoking gun that it was all ANTIFA what done it?


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MrClementine(83) Disputed
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This isn't speculation. He's facing prison charges for insurrection

Hi Bronto. Facing prison charges???? I'm not sure what that even means, but if he hasn't been convicted of anything then OBVIOUSLY it is speculation.

Trump was indicted in federal court for raping a minor. Is that speculation?

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