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 CNN’s Blitzer condemns McSally for "Awful Disgusting Behavior" toward Raju (3)

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CNN’s Blitzer condemns McSally for "Awful Disgusting Behavior" toward Raju

 Feigning outrage on Thursday’s Situation Room about how Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) referred to chief congressional correspondent Manu Raju hours earlier as “a liberal hack,” host Wolf Blitzer bemoaned it as a “disgusting” and “awful, awful thing” that, if Arizona voters are smart, could punish her in November (i.e. elect Democrat Mark Kelly instead).

**The Poor Little Girls of the Media have such Thin Skin.**
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The whole CNN network is loaded with hacks and it upsets the Leftist Media when they are called out on it.

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Is there actually someone called Raju?

Whoever it is should be arrested and locked up for owning such a ridiculous name.

Chinaman(2119) Clarified
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Chief Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju of CNN had his little feeling hurt and now the midget Leftist is a victim.

Kilcom(110) Clarified
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Ah, I know who you mean now. He recently auditioned unsuccessfully for a part as a Munchkin in the remake of The Wizard of Oz.