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CNN says you do not need God

Not anti Christian

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This country has freedom of religion. That means one can have ANY god .... or none. That doesn't mean if yours is not the Christian god that you are anti-Christian. You can worship Allah, Godhead, The Great I Am Presence, Satan, or John Wayne without being anti-Christian!

I don't worship ANY god and STILL am not anti-Christian! CNN is correct.

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Most of the weak minded sheepeople need a God either man-made supernatural myths or else living or deceased mortals.

Christians pray to the sky, Jews pray to walls, Muslims pray to the ground and atheists worship numerous figures from Lenin to Hillary Clinton.

Those countries which have clung to the mumbo-jumbo of religion are nearly always, not always, but nearly always the backward nations of the world.

People who take responsibility for their own lives and realise that they are on their own in this big bad, disease ridden world are the ones who usually prosper.

Praying to your God to spare you from the horrors of contracting covid-19 in a place of worship with a a large congregation will, in reality increase your chances of becoming infected.

This is one of those rare occasions when CNN got it right.

You got to give credit where credit is due.

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