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CNN staffer says network played up COVID-19 death toll for ratings

I like fake news

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CNN staffer says network played up COVID-19 death toll for ratings


Really??? Who is reporting that? Project Veritas?? Bwa, ha ha ha ha.. Dude! They're fake news. This IS the right category all right.

As reported by snopes, O’Keefe’s work, comprises a constellation of allegations and assertions that is virtually impossible to fact check without complete clips of the involved conversations. Nearly all the videos used stitched-together, out-of-context remarks with no indication of what occurred or what was discussed just before and after the included portions.

The framing and style of videos created by James O’Keefe is well known due to his 2009 “sting” in which he and accomplice Hannah Giles visited ACORN offices and pretended to be seeking advice on how to run an illegal business that included the use of underage girls in the sex trade. The resulting videos — which were edited to create the impression that O’Keefe and Giles had spoken to ACORN representatives while dressed as a pimp and prostitute — dealt that organization a mortal blow before reports publicizing the deception in O’Keefe’s videos came to light.


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Really??? Who is reporting that?

It's not being reported you dipshit. It's video of a CNN staffer saying on video that they played up Covid numbers for ratings there genius. God you are dumb.

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