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CNN vs. Fox News - which one is less biased in the US Presidential Race?

The question is - which is LESS biased?


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CNN, as far as I am aware, has not said that the assination of a candidate would be a good thing.

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No news network, as far as I am aware, has said anything like that either. Fox just had a lady on who fumbled her words. She said "Osama" instead of "Obama" and made a horrible joke about it.

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CNN is certainly less biased as it provides little to no real information of any substance when it comes to the candidates and the election in general. The mainstream press has decided "un-biased" means providing no information or investigative reports that would show anyone or any party to be wrong or amoral.

The most CNN does is "report" what a "side" says and if there are any arrests or convictions (but not too much and without much detail so as not to anger either faction or candidate).

FOX, of course, spouts straight-up lies and extremely biased accounts followed by heavily right-wing ideologically-infused commentary by Republic hacks and independent demagogues (who always happen to be on the side of the Republicans).

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Yes, this was effectively what I was going to say.

CNN and Fox are both biased, but their bias(es?) are different. Fox News has a very conservative, right wing bias, which shows in the kinds of stories and editorializing they do. CNN, on the other hand, has more of a "corporate media" bias. Their reporting is shoddy at best, and they provide a lot of fluff without much information. Both are mainly entertainment, rather than reporting.

Though I haven't watched much NBC, it seems that some of their reporters might be better. Olbermann is a great muckraker, and I hope he remains one during the next administration (as opposed to toeing the party line).

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CNN is less biased than Fox, hands down. Fox is nothing but a right-wing, GOP propaganda station, promoting neo-con b.s.

Not to mention the fact that Fox recently had an anchor put out the ridiculous claim that Senator Obama and his wife may have been engaging in a "terrorist fist jab," when they bumped fists together prior to his Democratic nomination victory speech.

The Fox twit, E.D. Hill, actually said that some in "the media" claimed it might be a "terrorist fist jab."

NO ONE in the media claimed such a thing, for the record. It was merely a nutbag commenter in the comments section of a blog. The comment was even DELETED later. But to the Fox anchor, that one deleted comment in a blog constituted "THE MEDIA."

Fox is PURE GOP PROPAGANDA masquerading poorly as a legitimate news operation.

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I can't say which is really more bias but Fox is the more obviously bias of the two. That's not to say that CNN isn't being influenced or pressured to run certain stories. It's just saying Fox is more open about their leanings. Due to their openness I am tempted to call them the less bias, as bias is only harmful insofar as it's unannounced. CNN is more fair at face value though.

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I think CNN is less biased because the network likes to present both sides.

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