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COVID-19 The "panic" pandemic?

Several people around the globe strongly believe that the crisis around the coronavirus is a made up story created by communists to bring down capitalism. They mention that the covid is not that deadly and dangerous, rather it is the media and social networks the ones that are creating a worldwide hysteria around this topic. Is this a true statement or are you against this claim?


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1) Covid-19 is a new virus that no one has immunity to, so it can spread very quickly.

2) In terms of lethality is one of the deadliest flu that is out in the wild.

3) It's more contagious than other flus.

4) It kills older people at a much higher rate than younger ones, putting older folks as risk population and younger ones as vectors for spreading the disease.

5) People that survive Covid-19 are left with permanent lung damage, and there's evidence it causes blood cloths.

6) Since the Covid-19 is spreading so quickly there a chance it can mutate and allow itself to re-infect people.

7) At this point, the best strategy to prevent tons of people from dying is to put restrictions that slow the spread of the virus, mostly to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed by cases.

To me it sounds like those people are buying into a unfounded conspiracy than looking at the facts. Sweden decided to allow people to get infected (didn't put restrictions) and now are suffering because of it, a lot of people have died... and the sad truth is that a lot of those deaths are preventable.

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