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COVID-19 the "panic" pandemic.

Several people around the globe strongly believe that the crisis around the coronavirus is a made up story created by communists to bring down capitalism. They mention that the covid is not that deadly and dangerous, rather it is the media and social networks the ones that are creating a worldwide hysteria around this topic. Is this a true statement or are you against this claim?


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If it's a con then it's the greatest con in the history of the world. Not only have nearly all countries joined it, no one has "spilled the beans" so to speak, on it being a con.

Knowing people who have lost family members and friends to it, I doubt they are in on it and would sacrifice loved one's for whatever cause it's supposed to be for.

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we can't blame trump or any political movement in the pandemic situation in the world because we have been passing these messages through social media and spreading false rumours so if we have to blame someone we have to blame ourselves for following and spreading these false rumours and for not paying heed to authenticated directions

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AlofRI(3264) Banned
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The only hoax here is that it has anything to do with politics! The FAILURE to handle it well has EVERYTHING to do with politics! The country whose "leaders" (?) mishandled it has, by FAR the worst record and that, regretfully, is U.S.!

The fact that it is/will be used BY politicians :-(and authoritarians), is another matter. If OUR politicians had only followed the recommendations studied and laid out by professionals under Obama, we likely wouldn't be in such a dire situation. But, C'est la Vive .... under Trump! (Pardon my French;-)

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Miocene(707) Banned
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To quote the old adage;-''those who are not panicking don't understand the severity of the problem''.

Without an effective anti-covid-19 vaccination we are in a damage limitation position and the best we can do is to follow the advice from from the experts.

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hecamero(1) Banned
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I dont care because anyways we're all gonna die some die and this is just a hoax from the democrats to just down the country and make our economy fall down. They do al this with political motivation

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this is just a hoax from the democrats

I struggle to believe people as stupid as you exist, even when you confront me with it and stuff it into my face.

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