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Cake or Biscuits?


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you can put biscuits as a decoration on the cake, it all comes down to what flavour the cake is and who baked it. chocolate cakes tend to be too sweet so i usually order strawberry cakes from baguio.

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I prefer cake over biscuits. While biscuits have their charm, the versatility and variety of cakes make them my top choice. From decadent chocolate cakes to light and fluffy sponge cakes, there's a cake for every occasion. Recently, I've been exploring different recipes, and I must say, the cinnamon roll dump cake I made from was a delightful surprise. This modern twist on a classic dessert combines the beloved flavors of cinnamon rolls with the ease of a dump cake. It's a delicious and easy treat that showcases the endless possibilities within the realm of cakes.

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biscuits can be used as snacks while cake is usually used for special events and cake servings are usually too big for one person sure some restaurants do serve small cakes but i would still perfer eating biscuits. personally uk biscuits are the best.

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